is a site dedicated to the performer. This is a site that provides free content daily to help the marching percussion performer take their skill and ability to the next level – to constantly push the envelope. This site is aimed to the performers that are constantly seeking the information past auditions, past class, past rehearsals, past instructional booklets and  past watching OTHERS surpass them. This site was created for that individual who will go against all odds to achieve their goals.  Here, the mission is to drive those performers to become successful in whatever those goals may be.

We evolve when you do, so whether it's Auditions, Fall Season, Indoor/Winter Season, Drum Corps or on Tour, we've got you covered with the latest up-to-date info.

I want to help you get there and you will. It's your time to shine in front of that crowd, whether it be in the Lot, on the Floor or on DVD.

To your success,

Anthony Huerta