Announcing The 2012 Drum Corps Drumline Audition Contest!

Drum Corps Contest

Hey, Hope You're Doing Awesome!

Gotta few questions for you:

Have you attended a drum corps drumline audition this season?

Or thinking of atteding a drum corps drumline audition at all this year?

What about if I asked you if YOU could use some more cash towards your fees this year?

Just wanted to let you know about a totally AWESOME contest we're kicking off here at  Announcing:





If you haven't heard by now, is giving away $200.00 – yes, two-hundred-dollars to this years performers that are heading out or thinking about heading out to ALL those drum corps drumline auditions.

Look, I get it, it's tough in the activity: from traveling, to tour fees, to drum corps drumline auditions, the costs can REALLY add up.  I've been there. So in thinking about all of this, I figured that it was time for a UNIQUE contest.  

How about givin away some cash to the performers who want it the most?  The performers that are in the trenches HANDLING their drum corps drumline auditions.

Well that's what this is all about:  All you gotta do is go here and follow the easy contest rules.  It's a super easy task and hey, i'm sure WE ALL could use an extra $200.00 cash.  

The contest is SUPER easy to enter and during the process we're introducing an awesome eBook to help gear you ready for all these drm corps drumline auditions.  This a contest YOU WON'T find anywhere else! 

Now to catch all the details and product info, just head over to this link here:

Enough with the same old drum corps sponsorship letters and enter to win some REAL cash.

Best of luck to all you entries ;)

Anthony Huerta, DCI-WC HP


P.S. Got any questions about the contest?  Check out the link above first, then leave us a comment below…