Band Camp Domination

Band Camp DominationHey,

Hope you’re having an awesome end of summer.  As we’re approaching Band Camp (I hate that name, we should name it something else, haha) as a Marching Percussionist and potential member of a drumline, you DEFINITELY have to start off prepared and have a strong start to your season.  Success starts from the prep-work – band camp – through the last show of the season.

Want a strong start to your season?

Use this checklist as you get ready to dominate your drumline band camp.

I’ve had success during my rehearsals and seasons, so what better way than to share it with YOU.  :)

You’ll definitely want to print this out and check it each morning before each drumline Band Camp rehearsal:


Band Boot Camp DominationStick Tape

1.    Sticks – Already Taped

Show up early and with your sticks ALREADY taped.  This cuts time out of rehearsal.

You can buy a small roll of “White Electrical Tape” from any Home Depot or Lowe’s.

2.   Water Jug

Have YOUR OWN water jug.  It’s hot and when everyone’s using the same jug, sickness can spread FAST.  Don’t put a halt on your strong start during Band Camp.  Be smart and spend the $10 or less to buy your own.  Tip:  Remember to wash it every night after rehearsal, especially if you’re using Gatorade to fill it.  Watch out for the ants!

3.   Sunscreen

USE SUNSCREEN. PERIOD.  Especially during morning band camp blocks, it can get super hot. Stay away from the lotion, use the spray.  Your sticks will thank you.


4.   Wash Cloth, Bandana or Wrist Band

Take an extra wash cloth or bandana to hold your sweat.  You’ll thank me on this one!



5.   Baseball Cap

Help keep the sun out of your eyes and face from getting sunburnt.  Nobody wants to start the new school year with they’re face peelin right?


6.   Sunglasses

This one is optional, but I’d definitely recommend getting some.  Save your eyes the squint and trouble.



7.   Prepared Lunch

Especially during full scheduled days, like Band Camp, skip the Carl’s Jr. and fill your stomach with food that’s gonna fuel your muscles.  Light foods, sandwiches, salads, parfaits, diced fruit. Etc.  For now, stick with the water and Gatorade.

8.   Snacks

You definitely need tons of energy so keep a protein bar or some trail mix with your bag to snack on during rehearsal.  It’ll help keep your energy up.

9.   Valuable Attitude

And this is on a serious note:  Bring VALUE to your group’s success by having a great attitude.  Nobody wants to work with someone who has a bad attitude.  Be cool, not just with the guys around you but eveyone else in your ensemble/group during band camp and your season.  Never lose sight of your goals and progress.  Work together and you’ll inevitably reach success.


Well there you go, a full checklist to make sure you’re totally prepared for your drumline Band Camp and dominate your success.

I’ll post a video of the content again this week, but I wanted to make sure you at least hand the print checklist. =)

Remember, it starts off with you, then your section, drumline, and rest of the Ensemble.  Start strong and NEVER settle for less.

Work hard during Band Camp (I hate that name, we should name it Drum-Hell-Camp or something) haha.

Talk soon,

Anthony Huerta

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