Birthday Sale: Half Off =)

Drumline Happy Birthday


Hope you're doing awesome this week.  I know I am, cause this week was my birthday.  Well the 21st to be exact – btw: always go out to dinner on your bday, free desserts are awesome, check it out:

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that for this week until Sunday at 11:59, you can get my bestselling drum corps audition eBook for 50% OFF!

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Just my way of being totally cool and a THANK YOU for following and all your support.  We have tons of products rolling through at the end of this month, so be sure that you've opted in in the top right to receive your FREE download of my Clean: Formula 20.0 and on our newsletter.  Ps – I'll only send you an email with either a new product that'll give you chops, a discount of some sort, or an awesome benficial-to-you post.  Cool? =)

There's ONE CATCH though – All I ask is that you hook anyone else you know up with this sale – your students, your friends, Facebook, reTweet, text it.  Just spread the word to help others out.  I just wanna give back to those in the game.  Fair enough?

Well gotta get outta here, but click on the link to get your discount.


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But hurry, this link will only be live for a couple of days so if you've been on the fence, be sure to get your BESTSELLING copy now :)

Take care and talk soon.  

Tear it up and cheers =)

Anthony Huerta, DCI-WC HP

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