Camp Weekend: Drum Corps Tips :)

Drum Corps Tips: Camp Weekend

Drum Corps Tips article by Anthony Huerta, DCI-WC HP

Here's a post that are gonna give you some valuable drum corps tips that you can use at your upcoming drum corps camp.  Read on to find out the drum corps tips:

Drum Corps Tips - Camp Weekend

With the start of the year,we've got all WGI and winter-drumline/Indoor buisnesssss then it's all summer Drum Corps from here.  Definitely a start to another great year for the marching percussion activity.  For those of you marching, congratulations on your spot.  Drum Corps Auditions aren't easy, so I hope you embrace opportunity and RUN with it.  With everything that's starting up with this drum corps season, it's easy to get overwhelmed so often, I'll put up post with drum corps tips with everything to maximizing rehearsals, overcoming your competiton, and much more.

Today I'll share 3 Drum Corps Tips to set you up for a successful Drum Corps weekend.  These are simply 3 Drum Corps Tips that'll make sure you get a great start to the drum corps season.

Drum Corps Tips: Camp Weekend:

1.  Be MORE than prepared for travel:  Some of you may only have to travel 20 mins but MOST of you are traveling SEVERAL miles.  When I was marching, every drum corps camp weekend, we used to have to drive from SoCal to NorCal resulting in over 8 hours of driving and traveling over 490 miles.  Just for one DRUM CORPS CAMP!  =o Be mentally prepared for the long drives and if you're traveling as a group, be smart and rotate shifts driving.  I'd DEFINITELY recommend to always carpool.  Especially in the drum corps activity, wherever you can, save some cash and have more eyes on the roads.

Also, make sure you head out with EVERYTHING that you need for the weekend.  Drum corps rehearsal clothes, cash, SHEET MUSIC.  Whatever.  Give yourself less obstacles and more focus on the point of the weekend: to make the ENSEMBLE better.

2.  Individual Comments = Ensemble Success: This gig is all about uniformity and precision.  To uphold that standard it takes EACH and EVERY individual to implement any changes you receive.

  • Technique out of wack?  Fix it.
  • You bounce when you march?  Fix it.
  • BREAKING when you play?  FOCUS.

Each individual needs to take comments and do their best to apply them.  and here's a tip:  whenever you receive a comment from your staff, get AS MUCH information about whatever you need to fix and HOW you can fix it.  Tons of times inviduals will get corrections and then get frustrated because they don't know HOW to fix it.  Get the valuable information while you're there.

3.  Bring VALUE to your camp: ​Now at of all the drum corps tips I could ever offer, this would be one of the best ones I always marched by.  And take this to heart:  you're awarded a spot in a drum corps for a reason.  As in anything, appreciate this opportunity and know that YOU are responsible to provide VALUE to your drum corps camp. 

Have a great idea for something?  Bring it.  Mastered a part?  Help someone else.  Bring value by representing yourself as a performer who works hard and has a GREAT attitude.  Provide a successful-competitive approach to everything you encounter during your drum corps camp.


There you have it, 3 simple, yet powerful drum corps tips that'll give you an edge to the start of your drum corps season.

Soon,  I'll have some more blog posts with more drum corps tips on setting YOU up for success throughout your drum corps season.  For now, feel free to save this drum corps tips post – print these drum corps tips if you'd like and share them with your peers. 

Hope you enjoyed those quick 3 drum corps tips.  From me to you, just know I love helping others out and I TRULY hope you become successful in this marching percussion activity.  If you can help me out and share your drum corps questions about any particular subject or want more information on a subject,  feel free to comment or email me.  Leave your comments below or email me here:

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Have a good one on your upcoming drum corps weekend and go hard,

Anthony Huerta, DCI-WC HP

Author, Accepted: Your Guide to the Marching Percussion Audition

"It's a drive from start to finish:  hold nothing back and come out of the gates ready to push further than you've ever pushed before.  Your competition this year is yourself alone.  Uphold an untouchable standard for yourself and ensemble."

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