Drum Corps Auditions: Getting Cut

Handling Getting Cut From Your Drum Corps Audition

Drum Corps Audition blog post by Anthony Huerta, DCI-WC HP

Now unfortunately, there comes a time where you may get cut from a drum corps audition.  It happens to the best of us but it isn't the end of the world (though it may feel like it).  

This article will share some light on how you can use this to your advantage in your marchin percussion career.  In this post you'll go over why you got cut, possible reasons you can get cut and advantages of getting cut from your drum corps audition.

Why did you get cut from your Drum Corps Audition?

First and foremost, you should definitely have an idea of why you got cut from your drum corps audition.  Sometimes when we get cut, we're in such a downer that that black cloud kinda overcomes our logic.  Here are a few questions you MUST ask yourself:

What actually got you CUT from your drum corps audition?  What got you into that position?   WHY did they cut you and accept others?

Most of us like to think we're the best performers ever but you really do need to take your time with these questions.  Ultimately this comes down into you being honest with yourself and how you really did against everyone else.

Possible reasons you got cut from your Drum Corps Audition?

Here are some possible reasons why you may get cut from a drum corps audition:

– Not memorizing all exercises required for the drum corps audition

– Not making simple adjustments based on staff requests

– Unable to properly mark time and play with a metronome

– Totally DROPPING the ball when it comes to the marching and movement part of the audition

– BREAKING at ANY time at your audition (you can overcome this and how to not break at your drum corps audition)

Advantage of getting cut from your Drum Corps Audition

The biggest advantage of getting cut from your drum corps audition is the valuable experience you will gain.  Just being around the drum corps staff and different instructors can REALLY benefit you overall.  You can learn so much about yourself and your playing just from one drum corps audition than you've learned in a while.  

The best thing that you can do is after you've been notified that you've been cut at your drum corps audition, be sure to talk to the instructors and get some feedback.  Ask them for details and the scoop of why you were cut from the audition.  Ask them on what they think you should work on and what would definitely increase your chance of getting accepted at your next drum corps audition.  

Really take this one on one time with the staff to get as much info to help you grow individually.  This one on one time with the staff is definitely worth the cost of the drum corps audition alone.

Now that you've collected your answers of WHY you were cut and WHAT you can improve on, be sure to jot them all down on a piece of paper for review.  I'd title the top – Drum Corps Audition Review and then below just input what got you cut and what you need to improve on.  From there, all you have to do are connect the 2 dots. 

For more info on increasing your chances on getting accepted at your next drum corps audition, click here for the only and official drum corps acceptance guide.

Best of luck on your future drum corps audition,

Anthony Huerta, DCI-WC HP

Author, Accepted: Your Guide to the Marching Percussion Audition

P.S. Feel free to comment or email on your drum corps audition experience.

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