Drum Corps Camp and Indoor Show Weekend

Drum Corps Camp=Get Work DONE

Drum Corps Camp and Indoor Show Weekend

I know almost everyone in a drumline is either having Indoor shows or having Drum Corps camp this weekend. For those

Drum Corps Camp = Get Work DONE

that have an Indoor show, I wish you the best of luck and hope you do AMAZING!! Give the crowd a great show!!!

Now for those of you that are marching drum corps, or are hoping to march drum corps, you know that any drum corps camp is crucial for production design ideas, season conditioning and preparation.  You know that at each drum corps camp, the staff is full of ideas or designs that they are ready to work with the members.  Each drum corps camp also holds tons of valuable information from the staff to the members that is really going to set the members up for success.  With each drum corps camp being so important, it’s also important that you really get the MOST and contribute the most to each and every drum corps camp you attend.  Don’t be that guy (you ALL know him), that shows up not fully prepared, not motivated, and not ready to go during your drum corps camp.  Be on top of your game and fully ready to contribute to your group’s success.

With all that said,  those who have a Drum Corps camp coming up and getting prepared, I’ve created a 5 Key List that you should utilize to really make sure you get the most of your camp.

5 Key List for Successful Drums Corps Camp:

1. Be prepared: Before each and every drum corps camp, do more, by going fully memorized and prepared. Know the music and exercises note for note – count for count.  Memorize all stickings, DYNAMICS, tempos, and any other comments that staff make have giving you thus far.   If your reading this then I’d by your goal would to be a World Champion. Well champions are prepared.  Period.

2. Soak it instructional comments: At every drum corps camp, take in any comments, feedback, and do your best to implement whatever has been thrown at you. Try to step you’re game up and use whatever the instructors throw at you.  If you get  individual comments during a drum corps camp, then really make sure you take those to heart and seek to improve.  Tip:  during your drum corps camp, carry a small sheet of paper and pencil to jot down multiple comments or corrections.  Sometimes each rehearsal can be information overload, so make things easier on yourself.

3. Get rest at night: Now most of us love to drum way past rehearsal – working on passages though try to keep an eye on the clock.  Make sure you rest in between days of your drum corps camp, it could be a full weekend but if you get no rest, you’re mind will be too congested to make sense of what you worked on that day at rehearsal.  Do your best and get some rest.  Seriously don’t wanna be the dude who can’t think in the morning, in Zombie-Mode because he stayed up playing a part (that he still can’t play).

4. Attempt a positive change: If you continue to get the same comment from the staff during your drum corps camp, then do your best to strive to change and add the change. Look, the only way to get out of your comfort zone is to do something different. Strive for a positive change and if you need more help, ask.  Trust me, that staff is there to help you, no matter how hard they are on you.  Whenever they’re in front of you get all the positive info you can take.  Use that paper and pencil from before.

5. Go hard and Don’t give up: Hey everyone has their ups and downs. We all do. We all live a life besides drumming, drumline, marching and performing and some days it can feel like a drag to push when you’re feeling the morning heat, thick grass, and dirt/sweat in your eyes at drum corps camp rehearsals.You gotta use what’s inside you to push on after. Use that inner side of you to push past drumming parts, music, or whatever. Remind yourself that you do this because you love it. Because you love performing for crowds and having a great time. You have to refocus and use that motivation to push yourself as well as your peers during these drum corps camp rehearsals.  Partially about you growing, it’s more about the success of the group.  Competitive activity right?  Not a “sit back last place is fine with me” right?


Just on that last key, always remember you’re ultimate goal. Especially with the entire drum corps activity, it IS super demanding, it IS tough and IT WILL be hard.  But the harder you work at each one of the drums corps camp rehearsals, the more effective you work, the better reward you will be left with after each and every performance.  You’re out to entertain a crowd and it does take hard work,  use these drum corps camp rehearsals to really get work done as a unit and steps closer to enhancing your show production and design.

On a final note, remember this for every day you’re living:  if you aren’t pushing, your motivation is. Don’t let anyone work harder than you.  Don’t give up drum corps camp rehearsals, blow off practicing, let the heat/frustration get to you and give up.  It’s about reaching YOUR and YOUR GROUP’S success.  Isn’t that why you do this?  To become successful and entertain the crowds; the passion for performance.

At every drum corps camp or anything you work for, push yourself. Some days, you’ll be the only one pushing yourself. Use that idea for motivation. Always.

To your success,

Anthony Huerta, DCI-WC HP

Author, Clean-Beats.com

P.S.  Got some drum corps camp tips or motivation?  Post a comment with your insight or a questions you may have right below :)

P.S.S. – Feel free to “share” the 5 Key list to your fellow members and groups by print, comment or email.  ;)