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List Of DON'TS at Your Drum Corps Drumline Audition – Part 1

Drum Corps Drumline Audition blog post by Anthony Huerta, DCI-WC HP

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Ever want some extra tips on your drum corps auditions?  I know I would've if I was heading to an audition, especially as I got closer and closer.  Well I put together a list of some definite Do's and DON'TS to really help you stand out amongst your competition at your audition.  Some are obvious but from time to time it's easy to forget some basic principles when heading to auditions and call-backs.  If you follow these do's and don'ts you'll be SO far ahead of some of those Insta-Cuts at the drum corps drumline audition.  

These mainly go from drumline members but can definitely by applied to all sections at drum corps auditions.  Today you'll get part 1 of these Do's and Don'ts and tomorrow you'll get part 2.  Hope it helps at your drum corps drumline audition ;)


Here Are The DONT'S For Your Drum Corps Drumline Audition


1.  Don't Solo ANY Part Of Your Audition

Seriously, besides #3 on this list, this is a super amateur-ish move.  This goes at any part of your drum corps drumline audition.  Most commonly in the Individual Audition, there are tons of people who thinks it's a good idea just to make up whatever comes to your head when you go in.  They even think it's cool.  Hey buddy, it's not cool.  

Have respect for your craft and be prepared.  Know all the things you're gonna play before you arrive (drum corps websites usually do a great job of listing what exercises or requirements they want to see at auditions).  Don't solo and make up stuff at your drum corps drumline audition, simple.

2.  Don't Wear Bright Shirts or Stupid Hats

There's nothing else to say.  This is the worst drum corps audition advice I've ever read.  You'll look stupid and the staff will not take you seriously.  Some people say wear bright yellow, pink, this color that, that color this: c'mon.  Seriously.  Do you really think the staff can't tell who you are?  Play well and they'll notice you at your drum corps drumline audition. Period.

3.  Don't Peck or Nod Off

I'm often shocked how common people still do this.  One of the worst things you can do at a drum corps drumline audition is disrespect the staff by playing when they're talking or looking off to the sunset.  This is probably one of the fastest ways for the staff to completely ignore you for the rest of the drum corps drumline audition.  Try this, go ask someone a question.  Now when you ask them, ask them to look away.  See how that felt?  Sucks right?  Don't kill your chances and show some respect.

4.  Don't BLOW Your Marching

This is THE most underrated part of drum corps drumline auditions.  Especially battery members.  They'll practice tons, work on building their chops, show up to the audition and totally blow off the marching and movement part of their auditions.  In today's auditions, it's way more competitive and more and more people have the hands.  If you wanna truly stand you, you gotta have the feet as well as the hands.  You'll get more vouches from the Visual staff and ultimately help your chances.

5. Don't Cut YOURSELF 

Hey the worst thing you could do is get super nerved and cut yourself at your drum corps drumline audition.  Look, the hardest part about auditioning is showing up to the audition.  Seriously.  There are tons of times where I've seen (and have been myself) at auditions and get overwhelmed by pressure.  The competition is getting tighter and the staff is really challenging each person.  If you're showing up to a drum corps drumline audition, don't punk out.  

Don't spend the money to get there, pay the drum corps drumline audition fee and then just sit down the entire time of the audition.  

Go big, try harder than you ever have, and REALLY TRY TO GET ACCEPTED.  You know what I love about that 15 year old kid auditioning for a World Class drum corps?  He has no fear.  He's trying to adapt the technique, he's going up every time they ask to rotate, and go all out during the marching.  Be that guy.  Doesn't matter how long you've been playing, doesn't matter if it's your first audition, show enthusiasm.  The more drive you show will definitely show towards the drum corps drumline audition staff.  Trust me.


So there's a list of 5 DON'TS at your drum corps drumline audition.  Tomorrow we'll feature 5 DO's for your drum corps drumline audition to really stand out.

Set yourself for success,

Anthony Huerta, DCI-WC HP

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