Drum Corps Drumline Audition: Do’s

Drum Corps Drumline Audition - Dos and Donts

List Of Do's at Your Drum Corps Drumline Audition – Part 2

Drum Corps Drumline Audition blog post by Anthony Huerta, DCI-WC HP

If you checked out yesterday's post, we gave you part 1 with a list of Drum Corps Drumline Audition DON'TS.  Today, here's part 2 with 5 DO'S for your drum corps drumline audition.  Hope you enjoy and helps during your audition:

Here Are The Do's For Your Drum Corps Drumline Audition


1.  Go Memorized 

And not just "sorta" memorized.  Go as memorized as possible.  See, there are TONS of auditions that I've been to where I WISH I would've spent more time looking at the small details in my music.  What did I have to do?  Constantly double check my music to make sure I was playing it right.  It put me in a lame position of constantly looking down, and worrying about my music.  I looked lost.  Get as memorized as possible:  notations, stickings, dynamics even boxed bar numbers.  

The more you have memorized, the LESS you have to worry during your audition and MORE time you can focus on performing at your audition.

2.  Show Blend And Balance

It's important that you show that you're a good contribution to the organization by your ability to adapt to others.  Tons of people can play, and tons can play by themselves.  Really great.  But in a group that relies on a team sound and effort, it's up to your to show that you can play clean with the guy next to you, regardless of who he is.  Learn how to blend and balance your sound with others.  This definitely helps during your Ensemble part of your drum corps drumline audition.

3.  Ask Questions

Now this may not seem obvious but HARDLY anyone does it.  Whenever you get chance to be around the staff or they come to play on your drum, try to get some feedback.  Don't be a creep and pest, but just a "Is this what you're looking for in technique?"  Be cool about it. 

4.  Show Integrity 

Not too many people know what this means so let me explain.  Playing with Integrity is one of the strongest features you can show to outshine your competition.  Playing and performance Integrity simply means that when you play, you are playing completely in time, with appropriate dynamics, full sound quality and without error.  

When you play with Integrity, you're playing the way a part was supposed to be played.  Same goes with marching.  When you're at your drum corps drumline audition, really help yourself stand out by playing with Integrity and showing the staff that you can play and perform correctly.

Play with Integrity at your drum corps drumline audition

5.   Perform – 

This is probably the #1 thing that you could do to really help you stand out amongst your drum corps drumline audition.  Perform on EVERYTHING you play.  8's?  Perform.  Double Beat?  Perform?  Boring Primer Exercise?  Perform.  Most people at drum corps drumline auditions go about it all "old school" and wrong.  With all respect to old school, a lot has changed.  You don't have to go for that stone sour face where you're burning something with your eyes.  Yes you wanna stay focused straight but also live a little.  

Show you enjoy your playing.  A small head bomb or "slight" movement go a long way at your drum corps drumline audition.


Hoped you enjoyed this 2 part series of Drum Corps Drumline Audition DO'S and DON'TS.  If you have your own suggestions feel free to leave em down in the comment section below. 

Go hard at your drum corps drumline audition.

Hold nothing back,

Anthony Huerta, DCI-WC HP

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