Drum Corps Drumline Audition: How To Get Accepted

drum corps drumline audition - get accepted

How To Get Accepted At Your Drum Corps Drumline Audition

Drum Corps Drumline Audition blog post by Anthony Huerta, DCI-WC HP

Ever wonder how to get accepted at your drum corps drumline audition?  Well look no further cause here’s a post that’s gonna give you EXACTLY what you gotta do to get ready before you audition.  This blog post will include some tips on getting ready before you audition, what to work on and what NOT to work out.  Here’s your how to get accepted plan for your drum corps drumline audition:

drum corps drumline audition - get accepted

It’s Not That Hard To Get Accepted At Your Drum Corps Drumline Audition:

Realistically it is NOT that hard to get accepted at any drum corps drumline audition, so forget what you’ve been told.  To get accepted at a drum corps drumline audition, you just have to know what they’re looking for.  Each have their own set of requirements and standards. Generally, each group are all looking to accept a certain type of performer with a certain amount of skills.  For example, EVERY percusionist should know most (if not all) of their standard rudiments.

Tip:  You should be researching the style of the group you want to drum corps drumline you want to audition for.  Style?  Well that was the one thing I DIDN’T know about auditioning for drum corps.  See I hate to break it to you but it’s not all about chops and body movement.  See, there’s different types of playing technique and drumming/marching/moving styles.  Save yourself the audition fee and KNOW what style you should be using.

Don’t know what style you’re using now?  Look at whoever instructed you and that’s a good idea of what style you’re learning.

Who Do They WANT To Accept Drum Corps Drumline Audition?

Here is EXACTLY who they want to accept at a drum corps drumline audition:

  • Someone who can understand and read music (key word understand)
  • Someone who can play WITH and WITHOUT a Metronome
  • Someone who has a solid inner Tempo
  • Someone who has solid technique from hand to hand (aka, stop slicing!)
  • Someone who has a FULL BALANCED sound when they play (all your tap sound the same, all your accents are the same height, etc.)
  • Someone who can MARCH AND PLAY at the same time
  • Someone who can move without affecting their sound quality when playing
  • Someone who has a solid FOUNDATION of the marching percussion activity –  (by Foundation, I mean all basic exercises such as 8 on a Hand, Basic Double Beat, 16th Note Grid, Triplet Grid – if you have no idea what I’m talking about check out this post here – Marching Percussion Foundation

What You NEED To Work On For Your Drum Corps Drumline Audition:

–  Step 1.  Pre-Audition Exercises – You should without a doubt already know WHAT exercises that group plays and even BETTER if they have an DRUM CORPS DRUMLINE AUDITION packet.

–  Step 2.  Practice System – Use a practice system and practice each of your exercises/requirements daily WITH A METRONOME

–  Step 3.  Record and Hear It – Record either by video or sound recorder to hear the feedback of what you’re playing.  You’re going for ZERO errors, tempo control and BALANCED sound from hand to hand.

–  Step 4.  TAKE PRACTICE NOTES – Don’t practice fresh each day.  If you’re doing that, you’re starting ALL OVER each time you practice.  You should KNOW what you need to work on.

–  Step 5.  Workout! – Seriously.  When you go to your drum corps drumline audition, they DON’T want to accept anyone that is out of shape.  This has nothing to do with being overweight.  Either you can jog a lap or you can’t.  If you can’t, better get your fit on because this is a fast paced MOVING activity.

–  Step 6.  Work ON YOUR MARCHING – I cannot emphasize this enough.  Back at auditions in 2009, we had a guy who thought he had been cut from the line on the 3rd final day of auditions.  That’s what the techs were telling him.  Little did he know that the Visual staff was vouching and practicly demand him to be a part of the line.  2 reps later, he was back drumming and made it into this World Class Drum Corps Drumline snare line.  More and More drum corps drumline audition s are looking for performers that can play but also have GOOD marching as well.

–  Step 7. Get FEEDBACK –  Go to a trusted source: your drum captain, instructor, snare tech or even send an email here.  You’re always gonna hear  your playing by what sounds comfortable.  Get an outsiders perspective to make sure you’re constantly growing in playing.

–  Step 8.  Repeat.

What You DON’T Need To Work On For Your Drum Corps Drumline Audition:

drum corps drumline audition - get accepted stick tricks

Nahhh dudeee…

STOP WORKING ON STICK TRICKS – I hate to tell you but the staff could care less about that trick were you catch the stick behind your

head.  Stick tricks DON’T contribute to the success for the group, stick tricks contribute to the success of you as a soloist.

STOP WORKING ON STUPID RUDIMENTS – When it comes down to a drum corps drumline audition, the stafff could care less about whatever crazy hybrid rudiment you’ve learned.  No Malfs. No Balloons.  No whatever-crazy-rudiment-name-here.  Put it into context: what do you mainly play in show music?  I’d guess rolls, flams and singles.  I’d stick to those and simple rudiments.

——————-(print ends here)——————-

So there you go, step by step plan on getting accepted at your next drum corps drumline audition.  Hope this info helps you out and I def wish I had someone give me a step by step list on how I could get accepted.  So from my World Class drum corps championship info to YOU:  get to work and HANDLE your next audition.

Tear it up next audition,

Anthony Huerta, DCI-WC HP

If you enjoyed this step-by-step list, then click here to get the EXACT blueprint World Champion use to get accepted at their drum corps drumline audition.

drum corps drumline audition

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