Drum Corps Tour: Keepin The Hype

blue devils in the lot drumline rcc

Drum Corps Tour: Keep and Be the Hype:blue devils in the lot drumline rcc

This weekend is a special weekend for SoCal. Tomorrow is the Riverside show.

For those of you that live here in SoCal, you know that this is like the biggest show for Drum Corps in Southern California.

It especially is a great time for Alumni as many members have gone through the RCC programs and have marched drum corps as well.

Looking forward to seein all the Devs and RCC alumni, as well as all the friends I’ve met after marching and teaching over the years.

I’ll post a picture tomorrow of the crowd for the Blue Devils Drumline lot – dopeee.

Anyway, the point of this post was a…reminder.

For those of you marching…especially in this 120 degree heat, this is that extra little kick as we start the summer.

You guys and gals are the drum corps tour warriors – day in, day out – rep after rep.

My message to you guys is to keep that hype up for YOUR group daily.

It’s tough on the road: the heat, the travel, the scores, etc.

But daily you have to remind yourself and your group of what you guys are trying to accomplish.

Look, I know you’re probably happy and honored to be a part of a Corps and that’s cool.

But remember, now that you’re representing that group, you gotta a job to do.

Your job is to handle more than any other group out there.

To beat your competition but by a spread.

And that all comes from putting every ounce of strength physically and mentally to handle your show.

Remember that you can’t take any breaks. And chances are the other Drum Corps are going to try to rehearse more, try harder and rest less than you and your group.

Your job is to be smart: take advantage of the staff, learn stuff the right way the 1st time and handle it every time from that point on.

Be a force to be forced with and represent your group with your chin up.

Doesn’t matter if you’re in Open Class, World Class, Drumline, Pit, Horn , Freakin Colorguard.

Keep the hype up, motivate your group. Even on the hottest days, run out on that field screaming “showwww day”. Got me?

Look that group that gets the best placement are the ones shooting out the gates HUNGRY with making each rep and performance better and better.

Good luck to all you this season.

Let the games begin,

Anthony Huerta