Drum Corps World Championship

drum corps world championship

Yesterday, I had such an awesome interview with one of my close friends for this site that went into how to get your drum corps world championship.  We went into so much detail about what makes a World Class group successful, how to start off the season right, how to really clean up your drumming in the line and how to have a great vibe between you and the rest of your line and group to ensure a drum corps World Championship.

Today I’m gonna share 3 ways you’re going to just MAXIMIZE your line’s performance and BE UNSTOPPABLE every season on your quest towards that drum corps World Championship…

Here are 3 MUSTS if you wanna get your drum corps World Championship

1.  No Performer Left Behind :)

Look the best groups out there with the best performers out there that are continually successful all share one thing indrum corps world championship common:  they start their seasons off strong having their groups fully prepared.  Every SINGLE performer in YOUR groups contributes to the overall success of the group if you really WANT a drum corps World Championship.  If you want to be the best out there and you want your scores to go through the ROOF, then you gotta make sure EVERYONE is on the same page EVERY day: all towards the same goal of that drum corps World Championship.

Keep everyone going in the same direction, thinking the same, playing the same – it all funnels.  If you see someone struggling then help them out.  Vice versa.  Cut the “Oh but I don’t talk to that person and blah blah blah”.

It’s not about ONE person, think about the GROUP’s success and GOAL towards that drum corps World Championship.

If you all are on the same page and driving forward, then you’ll definitely reach all of your goals MUCH faster towards that drum corps World Championship.  Be a team.

2.  Efficient and EFFECTIVE

drum corps world championshipNow I learned this one recently and was surprised how I didn’t learn this earlier.  Everywhere, groups are talking about “Work smarter not harder” and “Be efficient with your time” and so on and so forth.  You know, better time management during rehearsal, combining projects, using more visual techniques.  I get it, save time to get more done.  Good concept right?  While I totally hear where they are coming from,one HUGE factor that people are leaving behind is how EFFECTIVE that efficient time is.  Hey, I’m all about cutting down rehearsal time and using it wisely, not have the Sun baking out everyone on the field because nobody knows what to work on.  I get that.  But don’t sacrifice cutting so much out that you aren’t making REAL progress.

I mean if you’re going for a drum corps World Championship, then the goal is to make progress to greatest right?  Be effective with the time you use.

3.  Contribute A Great Vibe – “Just Be Cool”

This last point right here about contributing a great vibe and just being cool is probably the best advice I’ve EVER heard in my entire years of performing.  From drum corps to fall marching band to Indoor groups, if you are REALLY serious about getting your that drum corps World Championship and don’t know where to really go to KICKSTART your season,drum corps world championship this is the ULTIMATE tip for you.  Seasons are long.  And when you’re rehearsing 9 to 9s, or are moving in with 10 people in a small apartment for  all days, getting on the road, it can be such a drag.

But look, your perspective on thingsmakes all the difference.  If anyone has ever told you, “Oh man it’s hard living with someone during all days” or “Man, I just can’t stand (so and so)” then it’s not THEM that is the problem.  Any time there’s a problem between two members or just a problem anywhere for that matter, you gotta stop looking at things as “They’re a problem and I can’t do anything about it.”

Be positive and look for ways to make it all work.  Have a great attitude and learn how to work with EVERYONE – you’re section or not.  Nobody wants to work with someone with a bad attitude, lazy, or that complains.  Learn to get along with EVERYONE and when everyone gets along, EVERYTHING about the group gets better.  The marching, the playing, the performance – it all gets better.

This is probably the best advice anyone could offer to JUMPSTART your season to get a drum corps World Championship:

Contribute A Great Vibe and Just Be Cool man – It’ll rub off and PULL YOUR GROUP ON THE FAST TRACK FOR A DRUM CORPS WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP.  We’re all on the SAME team, remember that.

Last note,drum corps world championship

That last tip there could EASILY be 10 more blog posts because it TRULY is the key to your groups success and drum corps World Championship.  Yeah alldays on the field are long, I know, i’ve been there.

But remember WHY you’re there.  Remember that you’re in the group for a reason.  You’re in a group that’s MISSION is to COMPETE for a drum corps World Championship or whatever you’re competing for.  Have your eye on that.  Write it down on the top of your hand and check it out every day, every rehearsal.  Remind yourself and do whatever YOU have to do to get that drum corps World Championship.

Remember why you’re there all summer and season:  drum corps World Championship.

Be UNSTOPPABLE this season,

Anthony Huerta, DCI-WC HP

Author, Clean-Beats.com

“A line that get’s along together, plays better.” – Simple, yet powerfully true to your line’s success and drum corps World Championship.