Drumline Multitasking – Part 1

Here’s your HOOK UP for the day.  But first, read on. :)

In today’s marching world, it’s getting more competitive than ever to be on TOP of your performance.  Being a Worlddrumline multitasking Class performer can be difficult at first, but if you have systems and checklists in place, YOU CANNOT GO WRONG.

It all breaks down to one word: Multitasking.

Being able to handle multiple responsibilities at the same time.


Am I in the form?

Am I going straight to my dot?

How does my technique look?

Is my playing balanced in the line?

And the lists goes on and on and on…

It can definitely overwhelming to tackle each responsibility at first.

Drum Corps, Drumline and The marching percussion activity are ALL about this and look if you aren’t very good at multitasking or are having a hard time at trying to handle each responsibility then TODAY is your HOOK UP.  Below, you’ll catch a link to download for today’s checklist.  These checklists are actually from some cool eBooks that I have coming out soon.  They originally were only from some of my TOP students or TOPdrumline multitasking guys I performed with. I’ve literally pulled these out of my secret binder, typed them pretty and figured that “Hey, why not share these with the world?” :)

These are great for going on tour with a drum corps, fall college band or indoor group.  You’re going to be a multitasking PRO.

Today, YOU’re getting the FIRST checklist – PlayList: Playing Checklist – TOTALLY free HOOK UP just for reading this blog. :)
This is what you’re going to do with the checklist:

Right click and select either “Save Target As”, “Save Download As”, or whatever your browser asks. It’ll be a .PDF document, so if you don’t have Adobe Acrobat or some other .PDF reader, then search around google. Totally free programs.

Now each one is set in 2 pages, one for you to fill out that’s a normal page size and one to take with you when you’reperforming on the field.

For the first page, fill in all of your responsibilities. Study em, and stay focused.

For the second page, use that as your reminder and guide while on the field or rehearsal.

Whenever you have a break, pull it out of your stickbag, pocket, or wherever you have it, and use it as reminders.  Use them often, because it’s totally easy to get overloaded with info and totally forget some of the items on your list.

From now on, you’ll always be on your toes for all of your responsibilities, and eventually, you’ll be on auto-pilot.


These definitely are going to MAXIMIZE your multitasking game. I used these throughout drum corps and indoor. Every World Class group I was in from BD to RCC, I would look at these and make sure every practice or rehearsal, I was on TOP of my gig.

I was only going to release these in my eBooks for sale, but in the meantime, why not hook you guys up until then? :)

Gotta hurry if you wanna get your first FREE checklist and will only be available to download THIS WEEK ONLY

After you get to using these checklists then you’re totally gonna be a FORCE of  a performer.  Guaranteed.

Here’s the link:

>>>>>>>>Playing and Technique Checklist<<<<<<< (Click the link to the left)

But remember, this link is only good for this week only, so catch your download quick.

My EXACT day to day system for getting good FAST, Multitasking and Your fat HOOK UP of the day :)

Dedicated to YOUR success,

Anthony Huerta, DCI WC-HP

P.S.  Don’t forget to drop by tomorrow for your SECOND hook up of the week.  :)