Social Support: Key Success In This Activity

Social Support: The Key Success In This Marching Percussion Activity

Marching Percussion Advice article by Anthony Huerta, DCI-WC HP

Social Fan Support

Now, I'm not sure if you've ever been talked about this subject or been addressed but it absolutely is the "hidden" gem to your overall success in this drumline and marching percussion activity and it all has to do with a the topic of social support.  

This is probably THE MOST OVERLOOKED subject that really contributes to your success in this marching percussion activity.  Really.  And by social support, it's not like your Facebook or anything like that.  Social support comes down to, ya know, the people you surround yourself with?  

Here me out on this:

One of your biggest factors for motivation and constantly pushing is gonna be your surroundings; individuals around you.  I'm not sure if you're aware, but I'm  a firm believer that your surroundings have a definite influence on you and your path either to success or failure.  They have on me and since I've  noticed it, I've taken every attempt to improve the people around me.  

See, I was alot like you i'm guessing: huge desire to make it big in this marching percussion drumline activity/scene and really make a name for myself.  While I HAD this desire to succeed in this activity, it WASN'T the desire of some people I was hangin out with.  At the time, I was hanging out with people that didn't want anything to do with marching percussion, drum corps, indoor, or any type of drumline for that matter and I got criticized alot for the time I "wasted" on the activity.  Even from FAMILY.  

But what I realized is that in order for me to stay motivated, I really had to make a shift and cut some ties.  I did and it was the best decision of my life.  I surrounded myself with guys that were super driven like me, and others that really shared the same goals that I did.  It SIGNIFICANTLY boosted my work ethic, spirit and drive.

So really quick, here are a couple of questions that you MUST be able to answer:

  • Who are the biggest motivators around you?  
  • Who keeps you driving when you feel like giving up?  
  • What keeps you going in this marching percussion/drumline activity?

Now when you come up with your answers, those are the individuals I'm talking about that surround you and ultimately are your social support.

Your social support will ultimately make or break you and with answers you gave above, I'm hoping you're spending the best of your time around whoever you mentioned.

See, when you get around that positive group of people, group of friends – Social Support, and they are all on the same page as you, it significantly improves your drive and motivation. When you have that social support for days that you're on fire to get better and the "other" days.  Some days you won't have any motivation or some days you won't have any drive.  Some days you DON'T want to practice, and some days you feel like you've reached your peak or plateau.

Drumline Social Support: Surround yourself with others that support you

But when you surround yourself with that social support and individuals that are in the position you want to be or individuals that are going in the same positive direction as you, you'll be better influenced to reach your goals.

Now I know some of you are starting to make excuses about your individual social support:  "I don't have support from family." "No one supports me doing me." "There's no one in my area to surround myself with or drive me."

Well, if you're reading this, then YOU DO have Social Support.  You're involved here.  With others that are going to take their skill and performance to that next level.  I'm here.  Others are here.  You have the  Social Support we're talking about – you just have to embrace it and accept it.

Now for some of you, I get the whole out of bad area, or no instructor to teach them or no family support or or or…

Hey hey hey, let's stay positive.

Less negative, less excuses, more positive, seek resources.

Look we've all been there, and if you look at some of the best players in the activity, they most likely came from small music programs, maybe 1 director, maybe 1 instructors for the whole group, super limited.  But all of that doesn't matter.

Here's all you have to do to add better social support to your life and help your overall success:

Surround yourself with those that will support your goals and support your passion.  You want to be great, I wanna see you get there, so surround yourself with others that will provide the same support.

Think of the ideal groups you'd like to be in, maybe a World Class Drum Corps or DCI I&E Champion.  Now from where you are now, all you gotta do is surround yourself with people that are in those groups and members that are about to be in social supportthose groups.  

Remember, you gotta already envision that you're at the top of your activity.  At the top of your skill.  And you need to surround yourself with people who have already reached that status. 

For example, if you wanna be a World Champion, surround yourself with those of that status, past and present.  Surround yourself by those that are aiming for the same goal.  Competitively pushing each other constantly and driving forward with NO sign of failure in sight.  That's where I'd aim for top notch social support.

And to really see who could be affecting YOUR social support, try this:

Today, take a look at your current social support and those around you.  If you want, carry around a sheet of paper and a pen.  Think of every person that is actively involved in your life, I'm talking about daily or every other day.  Think of those that are positive and are of good influence.  Now think of those that are not of great influence, those that don't support you to the fullest, those that are holding you back.  Trust me, you're in for a huge eye opener!

Anyone who isn't contributing to your positive social support should be removed!  You gotta filter those people out!  Be honest with yourself and ask "Do these people REALLY contribute to my success?  Are they really helping me reach each and every one of my goals?"  If not, then I'd love to say that all they are doing are holding you back from your goals and

social support

where you want to be.

Remove the less-influential, hating, negative people that ARE holding you back- whether you see it or not- blocking your full/complete potentil and continue to surround yourself positive social support influence.  Now I'm not saying go on a stream of removing everyone from your life, but really think about who contributes  to your success and to YOUR goals.  Anyone that you immediately thought about are ones that you should be around more often and are your best social support.

Like I said before, this isn't a topic that is addressed very often, rarely presented, but it's important that YOU get the message.  It's YOUR day and it's YOUR turn to reach every goal you've set out for yourself.  Do yourself the favor of surrounding yourself with the social support you deserve.  Keep that positivity goin and don't let the "haters" get you down.

Get that positive Social Support and keep driving,

Anthony Huerta, DCI-WC HP, WGI-WM


P.S.  Got some tips on your social support or need some help?  Drop a comment below with any questions or suggestions on social support. ;)