Drumline Tip: Engage In Competition

Drumline Tip: Engage In Positive Competition

Drumline Tip article by Anthony Huerta, DCI-WC HP

Lookin for a drumline tip?  Here's an article that comes from our drumline tip category reflecting in positive competition. In short, this drumline tip is about NOT getting comfortable and always staying competitive. You game to handle your buddies at every practice and rehearsal through some good ol' fashion positive competition? Read on about this drumline tip below:

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Quick story to elaborate on where this drumline tip: positive competition came to be:

drumline tip with dj heroThis weekend, I wanted to enjoy some family time, so we decided to go out for a great sale.  We decided to buy DJ Hero 2 because it was on a great sale and picked up an extra turn table to play against each other.  Now with all competition games, it's all fun…well up until someone LOSES..haha

drumline tipBut what I didn't realize at the time, and what I found what was funny later, was that once each of us lost, INSTANTLY we became more engaged: we sat up a little straighter, became more technical, and concentrated wayyyyy more!

It was each of our goals to out do the other and make it a point to win.  Then from there, not to just make it a close game, but just wanted to DOMINATE each other.

I mean, we went from just "Oh, haha, silly turntable game" to that silence of I'm NOT losing again! How funny videos games can bring out that competition in all of us. ;)

And this definitely applies to YOU and YOUR success.  That's where the ultimate drumline tip comes in to play. 

Drumline Tip: Don't ever get COMFORTABLE: ACTIVELY engage in positive competition.

This drumline tip ESPECIALLY applies to you and your season – whether it's fall, drum corps, or indoor.  See, many times, (tons in World Class lines) we get comfortable with our program, or ability or success.  We have a good time either getting accepted and do "okay" at rehearsals or sectionals.  

Fast forward to competitions and all of sudden, your group ISN'T doing as good, or say you even start losing. Then, at that point, you want to begin really pushing to make catch up and beat your competitor.

Now, I don't know about you, but I'm not big on losing or like losing at all for that matter.  We can all go about it's not about winning, then again if it wasn't, everybody'd get a trophy right? (think about it).

And really, for me, all it took was just a small funny game to remind myself to never get comfortable and  to always push and stay competitive.  Which should apply to you and is the whole point of this drumline tip.

I mean really, should it take LOSING to remember to up your game, go harder at rehearsals and go bigger in performances? See:

This drumline tip is about not getting comfortable.

This drumline tip is about constantly pushing.

This drumline tip is about being a fierce competitor.

This drumline tip is to NOT let your competition get the upper hand on YOU and YOUR group.

This drumline tip is about always driving forward and motivated.

Look, there are always areas you and your drumline can improve on, ALWAYS.  Even to this day, with all of my success in the marching percussion activity, I still suck at a few things (like some Independent patterns for example..lol). Ultimately you just have to stay motivated to grow and constantly improve. Remember this drumline tip from this post and actively engage in positive competition.  Use something, like this drumline tip, to bring that positive competition out of you. 

For example, you can print this drumline tip blog post, you can take a piece of paper and just write the word "Competitive" on it. 

That's why this activity exponentially grows every SEASON – no matter fall, drum corps, or indoor.  And  drumline tipnot even by the year but every season. One group or person takes one idea, runs with it, next someone else grabs that idea – flips it, twists it, and creates the next form of it.  

Take this drumline tip, push yourself and don't slack off.  If you feel burnt out, then take a second/day off – go out, relax, enjoy some time with your family. 

Use this drumline tip: Stay competitive, keep your positive competition goin on and you stay motivated to ALWAYS push yourself.

Hope this drumline tip resonated with you and lit a fire beneath you to not stay comfortable.  Remember this, your competition won't sit back and stay comforable (I can guarantee that).

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If you can't push yourself, find someone that will. :)

Anthony Huerta, DCI-WC HP

P.S – Toss your drumline tips with suggestions on how to stay competitive in the comment section below cool? ;)

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