Perfect Drumline Tips: Preparation and Efficient Time Use

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Perfect Drumline Tips: Preparation and Efficient Time Use

This drumline tips post is by Anthony Huerta, DCI-WC

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To get ahead in the marching percussion activity, it's important that you're always on top of your game.  That's why often you'll find drumline tips on this site to make sure you've always got your edge.  This post is gonna give you 2 great drumline tips on preparation and efficient use of your time.  These drumline tips can overcome a total FAIL or lossssss from bad preparation relating to the drumline-marching percussion activity. 

Read below to get the 2 perfect drumline tips that are totally gonna help you out in the now:

Now before I give you these 2 drumline tips, yesterday, I totally FAILED yesterday in terms of preparation.  See, besides the various tasks we all come into contact with: working on drumline sheet music, drumline rehearsal, and marching percussion shows, we all have active/daily lives and as usual, things come up.  

Now mind you I'm usually fully prepared in most tasks I come in to contact with, as I'm sure you are, in all situations:  showing up to rehearsal on time, making sure my sheet music is memorized, fillin out my dot book.  Ya know, all that marching percussion stuff.  

But occasionally I make the MISTAKE of thinkin I'm always prepared for any situation and let unexpected things catch me off guard.  Thankfully though, I no longer allow these situations to affect me through some drumline tips I learned throught experience. I'm about to share with you 2 drumline tips that are gonna make sure you're always on your A-game. I swear these drumline tips can get  you so far if you always utilize it.  

Catch the drumline tips next:

drumline tipsCase in point, yesterday I was looking forward to the entire afternoon of some more marching percussion edits to some new E-Books that I'll be releasing this year filled with tons of content to help YOU out – with info such as these drumline tips.  I have most of the material written and now are the small things – edits – format – etc. 

I was totally looking forward to finishing a huge chunk of what I needed to get done by getting home, jumping on my laptop and working away on blog posts with more drumline tips(like this one), online marching percussion products and various other tasks I had set up for myself.  Super motivated the night to get everything done before.

The following day however, when I got home from an errand, it turned out that I had to go on an unexpected trip with a friend.  I had to go out of town on an 1 and 1/2 hour drive, both to and from, to go help out with a friend, pick up some family and watch the little girl SR :)  Now, I wasn't too ECSTATIC about the trip and didn't really want to head out but I was going more for support than anything.  Something-out-of-the-blue and now a whole OPPOSITE to how I had seen my day the night before. Sound familiar?  I'm sure we've all been there.

Anyway,  after bein all bummed out about the unexpected trip, I had some free time and decided to get dropped off at a local shopping center to "kill time".  Half way through the trip we were driving and I was mentioning where to drop me off for the next few hours and then BOOM.


See, I was so caught up with this idea "Man, my plans were screwed up, I wanted to do (X,Y,Z) and now I have to do this and that and now my whole day is sucked up..lame."  That I didn't MOVE FORWARD on how I can really use the best of my time.drumline tips

I had a negative blindfold on and what I SHOULD'VE done is looked at the OPPORTUNITY that was thrown at me.

I had just been offered two hours to be basically on my own to "kill time".  I had been given the opportunity to be on my own to work freely for a full TWO HOURS without distraction.  I mean easily, I could've taken my laptop, checked into a Starbucks, relaxed indoors and went to work.  I could've posted more drumline tips blog posts.

Or I could've also brought a USB phone charger, gotten one of our marching percussion drumline artists that we're going to start interviewing once a month and recorded that interview  with more drumline tips for you to benefit from.  Could have totally had my preparation and time efficient game on..but I didn't.  I was too caught up in the bad, that I forgot my "preparation folder" for how I could make the best of the situation. I totally ignored the 2 drumline tips I'm about to give you that resulted in a:

Total Preparation-and-Efficient-Time-Use Mindset Change…

What I'm saying is that I could have easily taken this "sudden unexpected" as a great opportunity. You can always turn the situation around and look for productivity to come out of these situations.

All you have to do is whenever you face situations come up, clear your head and remember the following my story lessons and drumline tips:

Drumline Tips For Preparation and EFFECTIVE, Efficient Time Use

1.  Drumline Tip #1 – EFFECTIVE Use Of Time: Forget the words "kill time" and "free time"

See, there always comes a time in our days where we think we're gonna have "free time", "kill time", or just bored.  But there are always ways that you can MAX out your time efficiently and EFFECTIVELY.  What's helped me out TREMENDOUSLY in the drumline/marching percussion activity is tdrumline tipshe quote "Where's the profit in this?" by Dan Kennedy (more about him on a future blog post).

And the point of the quote isn't necessarily MONEY.  It can be anything.  Working on a project, practice your timing, spending time with others, reading more drumline tips here or learning new tips/tricks.  To better phrase the quote think about this whenever you're scheduling your day, week, months or whenver you think you have this "free time":

"Is what i'm doing right now helping me gain or grow towards a goal I have?  Is what I'm doing right now productive to what I want?  Is this REALLY worth spending time on?"

2.  Drumline Tip #2 – Prepartation: Expect the unexpected and roll with it EFFECTIVELY

Now with that quote above, ALWAYS look for a backup plan then prepare with that.  Hey we all have our own lives, 

Pro-Mark ScoJo Rubber Tip Drum Sticks

so whenever something comes your way, look for ways that you can still stay productive and prepare (if possible) on the new situation. Gonna take an unexpected trip like I did?  

Then take some sticks and a drum pad and work on that drumline exercise you've been struggling with.  (Also a good idea to invest in some rubber tip bead drumlne sticks as well. We recommend these here: Pro-Mark Scott Johnson "Sco-Jo" System Blue Rubber Tip Practice Sticksdrumline tips

Or say you can't drum(outloud at least)?  Take some new drumline/marching percussion sheet music with you and study it over.  Look at every notation – accents, dynamics, repeats, etc.  

Do your best to memorize your gig.  Or check out some more blog posts with drumline tips such as this one.  Catchin my drift?  Don't blow your time or GIVE time away.  Remember this, YOU CAN'T get time back once it's passed.  (Ya know, remember that last time you said, "Ahh, I should've practiced")

The point is with these drumline tips is this:  always think about what the BEST use of your time would be, especially in unexpected situations and do your best to prepare on that.  Preparation for all outcomes and scenarios.  EFFECTIVE and efficient use of your time.

Hope these two drumline tips and my little story helped you out.  These two drumline tips have helped me out TONS since then.

Stay prepared and HANDLE the unexpected :)

Anthony Huerta, DCI-WC HP

PS If you have any other drumline tips on how to stay prepared or time efficient, post a comment down below.  Or if you wanna share these drumline tips, then use one of the link below to share on Facebook, Twitter and more.

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