Drums Corps Drumline Auditions – Tips and Tricks

Bluecoats In The Lot- Hacking- DCI Southwest 2013

Bluecoats In The Lot- Hacking- DCI Southwest 2013Drum Corps Auditions – Tips and Tricks


Making a drum corps isn’t as difficult as you might think.

Now let me say that based off what people tell you or videos you see, it may be intimidating.  But it’s not.  Not even close.

Let me be the first to say, its NOT YOUR FAULT.  It’s intimidating.  I know.  I’ve been there.  Ever since I was auditioning at 15 years old to now, I get it. But there’s a lot of hype to dissuade you from accomplishing your goals.

I’m not saying its easy. There’s handwork but it might be easier to approach than you think.

Here are some tips:

1.  Do you due dili-mutha-fn-gence amount of research!

–  Example:  Watching videos of Santa Clara Vanguard isn’t necessarily feeding your brain the right image if you’re auditioning for the CADETs.  Feel me?  Watch past years and get a feel of the style, demand and notes.  Don’t be intimated.  Write notes and compare.

2.  Be prepared man

Too many auditionees try to have this one all be all for auditions.  Yo, what you did for auditions in High School wherever you grew up ins’t the way drum corps operate.  You gotta memorize your packet before hand. What’chu expect?  Show up and sight read shhhhhh?  Not happening man(lady).  Ain’t even close.

I’ve seen too many people UNPREPARED as they enter drum corps drumline auditions then ask why they got cut.  C’mon my dude.  Memorize your shhhhhh.

3.  Take lessons before hand:

Yo the best thing you could do is take lessons from SOMEONE THAT MARCHED in the corps.  Now I get it “But Anthony, I live in some random city in the middle of Mississippi and no ones around me.”  And?  You’re reading this on that good ol inter web right my dude?  Find some peoples, and ask for help.  If they’re cool about it, they’ll coach you.  Or give you a lesson.  (fyi, I do online coaching for 4-8 weeks for a moderate fee, so if you have no one, contact coaching@clean-beats.com).


4.  Final bonus tip:

Record yourself at various tempos playing the drum corps drumline audition packet.  Know what you look and sound like.  Take notes.  Fix the changes.  Don’t be stubborn about it.


If you really need someone confidence and an overview of an drum corps drumline audition, pick up my ebook here:  Drum Corps Drumline Audition.  (click the link)

Get on youtube and make it happen man, don’t let another year pass you by.



Anthony, DCI-WC WGI-WM