Fast Paradiddle Chop Builder and Free Gift:)


Hope you are having an amazing week and ready for a Fast Paradiddle Chop Builder :)

I know tons of you are either being taught or teaching by this point and either situation is totally cool.   I wanted to share this cool rudiment building exercise and cd with you guys.

See the other day while I was teaching one of my groups, I was walking towards the snares and quads and we were going over some show music.  However, once we got further into the show, the show demanded faster and faster tempos and I realized that they really needed to build up their chops or definitely build chops up in their left hand.

For most of you, you know I’m all about building your chops and what better way than what i’m about to show you.

See if you guys know me, you know I’m ALL about efficient exercises, and getting TONS done in a short amount of time.  My groups don’t even play standard 8’s anymore because it takes TOO LONG and WASTES time.  Single hand exercises were made for home, not the lot.

Especially for High School groups, rehearsals are SO limited in time so for every rehearsal, we really have to make sure we’re getting as much done and when I send the students home, they have material where they can get super good, super fast.  I gave them what I’m about to give you, and in no time, they were playing WAY faster than they ever had. Cool right?

So I went home, created the most efficient exercises for each type of rudiment.  Today in particular this is on Paradiddles – which are one of my favorite rudiments and also a top 10 rudiment you should know.

Lately, I’ve been working on a chop building product for you guys and what better way than to share some of it for free ;)

Here’s what I got for you:  it’s a super-efficient exercise with one of my favorite rudiments:  paradiddles.   THIS EXERCISE IS BY FAR ONE OF THE FASTEST AND MOST EFFICIENT WAYS TO GAIN YOUR CHOPS FOR PARADIDDLES AND ROLLS.  Period.

It focuses on the same single hand breakdowns, but instead of just doing one hand at a time, taking forever, super boring, why not do double stops and work on both instead?

I mean, you’re working on Double Stops, Accent Taps, Taps, Double Strokes, and Paradiddles all AT THE SAME TIME!  One exercise that combines ALL of those elements.  This really is one of the best ways to gain chops.

What makes this pair of exercise and CD so strong is that:

1.  You have a super efficient exercise that cuts to the chase and gets straight into chop building and

2.  You have a CD of tracks, with set slow and high tempos OF THE EXERCISE played perfectly in time. Slow tempos for gaining control of your grip and fast to build quick response.

All you simply have to do is turn the track on a play then BOOM – you’re pushing yourself and gaining your chops.
So today, you’ll get this free excerpt with the paradiddle exercise and CD full of PlayTracks  just for being so cool and following this blog and following this us on Facebook.Check it out below

FREE GIFT!!! Fast! Ultimate Chop Building Guide Excerpt


Here’s the download link and secret page for both ;)

Like I said, this is just an excerpt for now but I’m POSITIVE you’re gonna enjoy the PlayTracks to not only keep you locked into the tempo, but also here any inconsitencies you may have.  I think you’re gonna totally dig how you can drum with something that has perfect tempo.  :)

Hope you enjoy the FREE hook up and definitely let me know what you think.

Go hard,

Anthony Huerta, DCI-WC HP

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