Great Rudiment You are NOT Working On


Hope you all are having a fantastic day! It’s the start of a new week out here in Southern California, but regardless of where you are, I hope you’re on a FAST TRACK to success on taking your skills to the next level.

Remember, you gotta hold YOURSELF accountable with every outcome you have. If you’re laggin, getting lazy and not working for it, better realize someone is. But we both don’t have to worry about that talk because YOU are on top of your gig and are HANDLING when it comes to practicing and pushing your groups.

Real quick wanted to touch on a rudiment that I’m almost positive you AREN’T working on but will give you AMAZING results the more you use it.

If you follow me often, you know I LOVE multi hybrid exercises. Honestly THEY ARE THE FUTURE OF WARM UP EXERCISES. And since you’re checking out this blog, soon I’m gonna have a HUGE release of exercises that are going to TAKE YOUR PERFORMANCE TO THE NEXT LEVEL. Tons of cools stuff COMING YOUR WAY. ;)

Back to the Great Rudiment You AREN’T Working On..and it is the:

Swiss Army Triplet.

I know, give me a second and here me out because this rudiment is SO valuable when it comes to getting TONS of practice done in a SHORT amount of time.

The Swiss Army Triplet is a such a great rudiment because if offers multiple practices SIMULATANEOSLY.

You’re working on Flams, Double Strokes both High and Low, and incorporating them at the SAME TIME.

Definitely get on those and start maximizing your marching percussion chops to get faster, stronger Double Strokes and also work on consistent Flam quality.

Start off practicing slow, work on that full double stroke up high, and the hidden double down low with the flam.  Also, make sure each flam is consistent.  Work both right and left hands super slow then bump them up until you’re a swiss-army-hand-pushing-out-swisses-ever-before-in-your-life-all-reefed-out-in-terms-of-fast-not-that-bad-stuff -marching-percussion-chopped-out pro.

Man, that’s cake and now, if you’re in a time bind YOU’RE working on TWO different types of rudiments AT THE SAME TIME.  Definitely a rudiment you are NOT working on but SHOULD to enhance your playing.  GET.On.THAT.  :)

Perfect for on the go and time strapped, like I know most of you are.

Sorry for the short post, I have tons of resources that are going to take the Marching Percussion scene including:

  • Audition info,
  • Building Chops,
  • Mastering Tempo
  • Marching Guide,
  • FULL Beginner and Advanced Exercises to get you WELL above your competition
  • and some cool Marching Workouts coming YOUR WAY!! ;)

Super cool stuff going on and it’s all dedicated to YOU getting better.  Shh, it’s all coming super soon for instant download.

Now go work on that Great Rudiment You Are NOT working on. Swiss.It.UP!

Work hard today and let me know if you need ANYTHING,


P.S.  New tab will be up soon giving my entire story about how I’ve went from being a young kid who got CUT from every drumline audition, to a World Class High Percussion Gold Medalist.  And YOU’RE getting hooked up with all the details.  Check here tomorrow FOR SURE.