Happy 4th of July – Independence Day and Drum Corps Tour

fireworks after drum corps show with blue devils drumline fireworks

Happy Independence Day and a look back while on a drum corps tour:

Now I don’t always get so personal with here at Clean-Beats.com – I try to keep it…you know…professional.  With that being said, topics are usually about drum corps, indoor, marching, technique, product reviews, answering your questions and all things drumline.  But I did wanna wish my readers/followers a Happy 4th of July and it reminded me of one Independence Day I’ll never forget while on a drum corps tour.

So 4 years ago, I had probably one of my most memorialable 4th of July’s ever was on my last drum corps tour:

My Babee in BD (103)

Picture this:  You just finished up a day full of performances, parades, cadences, drumming and so on.  You’re on the field at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, Ca.  You on the field with the Blue Devils.  And your gf came to watch you who’s in the stands.

fireworks after drum corps show with blue devils drumlineI am still thankful to this day that not only she drove out to see me but her in the stands and me on the field before the lights going off seemed a little…weak to end the night.

So I hit up the security guard and said “Hey man, we only get a few chances to see each other, the shows over.  Would it be cool if she came down with us for the fireworks presentation? ”

Dude was way cool and let her down.

See, goes to show you that people are people, you just gotta show em you’re human and they’ll do the same by hooking you up.

Here’s a pic from that day:

fireworks after drum corps show with blue devils drumline fireworks

Such a cool way to end the day and memorable.  Not only with the Blue Devils Drum Corps but the start of on ongoing relationship.

Hope you’re on your way to having a memorable day as well.  If you’re on tour with a  drum corps or enjoying the summer off, make sure to make the most out of this day.

We’re pretty lucky out here in SoCal, as the weather is usually warm and perfect to be outdoors with sandals and boardshorts.  Take the day off from your practice/work schedule and just reflect on a great half year so far.

In light of Independence Day, here’s a an indoor drumline show that sheds the spirit:

PSW Gold Medalist Mission Viejo High School Drumline performing “Indivisible” in Dayton, OH.