My Favorite Rudiments

Quick post today on a recap of some of my favorite rudiments.  

Whenever I’m drumming on a pad or just “peckin” around, I usually play most of these rudiments.  This list definitely changes but here are 5 of what I like to my favorite rudiments and why:


Invert Flam Taps (aka Inverts):  I love Inverts because when they’re a classic.  Today, it remains one of the rudiments that is always challenging as you get faster and faster.  You can’t go wrong with tryin to reef Inverts or add into a cool flam part.  Definitely a MUST in any type of Ram and most Sprees.  Ex.(f)R l (f)L r

Herta including with a diddle: Herta’s are great because they sound like my name.  Just kidding. haha :)  But seriously, I love this rudiment because this is almost a FOUNDATION for backsticking.  You can create all kinds of varieties in terms of back sticking parts.  Also adding in that diddle on the second note makes them fun to play.  Or you can take it old school and just accent all the second and fourth notes. Ex.   rLr L, rLr L. or Ex w/diddle rllr l, rllr l

Paradiddle-Tap:  One of the simpler rudiments, the Paradiddle-Tap is a fun play.  This is one of my favorite rudiments because it tags on with the Herta.  Basic, but you can create some cool backstickings using this type of sticking.  This rudiments also looks way cool accenting only the first and last note.  Ex.  Rlrr L, Rlrr L.

Churruckita:  The Churruckita is one of those rudiments that has a super funny onomatopoeia (sounds like what it is).  The Churruckita can be a bit difficult to learn at first but they can be way fun to play once you master them. This is one of those big boy rudiments.  This shows your technical and flow ability. All it is, is a paradiddle sticking, cheese on the first note and accent on the second note.  You’ll find these common in Rams and Sprees as well. Ex. (f)rr L r r, (f)ll R l l

Book Reports: By far probably (could quite possibly),  be my favorite rudiment.  The Book Report.  Ahh.  What fun to play. haha.  I first learned this rudiment back when I was in high school and since then, it has always remained a favorite rudiment.  It’s a spin off of a paradiddle  mixed with some diddles and a flam.  This rudiments just flows so well once you get the hang of them.  Really works the chops once you build this one up to higher tempos. Ex.  RR l r r, LL r l l


This list constantly changes of being my favorite rudiments because there are just so many others that I love to play.  The main reason I love ALL of these are because of their flow.  All of these rudiments are potential to just flow right out of your hands when adding them to passages, Rams or sprees.  They’re all (with the exception of the Paradiddle-Tap/Herta) a little on the technical side at first but once  you get the hang of them, you’ll see how easy they come right out of your hands.  Going off of yesterday’s post, I’d HIGHLY advise you to take your time on the basic rudiments FIRST.  For instance the Churruckita and Book Reports fall onto the Paradiddle sticking, so if you can’t play Paradiddles well, don’t waste your time on those advanced rudiments.

Take your time on the basics, the advanced will all come from there.

What are YOUR favorite rudiments?

Have fun with these and let me know what you think,

Anthony Huerta