Ever Nervous Before Drumline Performance?

Ever Nervous Before Drumline Performance?

Be honest, you ever get nervous before drumline performance or show?  Ever?  (Be honest).  Well for most of us (that tell the truth, haha), I get it and it happens to all of us.  Here's the typical nervous before drumline performance s or show scenario:

nervous before drumline performanceYou're all changed into uniform, jacket over the harness, adjustin the wristbands, wishing your "guys" luck, adding your drum secure on your harness, shako on, getting in form, walking over as a unit to the field.  You get up to the gate and up until this point, you've been fine.  Not too much jitters (maybe during the lot) but overall ok.

You see the crowd, you look down at your drum and it hits you:  you have the biggest ball of nerves in your stomach.  You're overthinking drill moves, worrying that one person won't hit you on that set, hoping to God that the snare solo is clean and you nail your body movement.  The next thing you know, you're so caught up with thinking and nervous before drumline performance s that you "change everything" during your performance, overhyping the good parts, make the bad parts worse, then after asking EVERYONE else how the show was.  All because of getting nervous before drumline performance…

Sound familiar?

I should know, because for the longest time, that was ME who was nervous before drumline performance and shows.  I'd let my over-analytical mind bug out and boom I'd be wayyyy nervous before a show.  Finally, someone gave me some great advice about worrying less on nervous before drumline performance and more on enjoying my performance.

I was never nervous before drumline performance ever again!

Well here's the best advice that I've ever received about being nervous before drumline performance s.  It'll help you, ya know, chill out. ;)

Like I said in the video, best nervous before drumline performance advice is to do what you "know" how to do:  whatever you've practiced during your rehearsals and whatever you've practiced on individually is what you "know".  If you get nervous before drumline performance s, all you gotta do is remind yourself of everything that you've consistently worked on so far at rehearsals or individual practice, and expect nothing less than that.

See, a lot of performers (and I mean A LOT) tend to get in uniform, (superman suit), get in front of the crowd and change everything.  Literally.

"Now I gotta hit that dot, now I gotta play these heights, Oh-No I hope he doens't hit me."

If you nailed all that stuff during rehearsal: awesome! But don't try to "change" your entire performance because now you're thinking of everything that isn't perfect in the show.  This is the worst time to change anything.  All YOU turn into is a spazzing-nervous-amateur.

To prevent getting tons of thoughts running through your head and being nervous before drumline performance, focus more on what you've accomplished and be ready to show what you've worked on during rehearsal.  Look, what you've done up until now is what you "know" how to do.  If you're nervous before drumline performance s, just don't change a thing.  See by doing this, you're setting yourself up for a more CONSISTENT performance.  Just because you have a uniform and shako on SHOULDN'T (<<keyword) mean a thing.  The only difference is a change of clothes and a few more people.

Drum Corps Performance

If you just worry about keeping what you've worked on during rehearsal the same, then there's absolutely NOTHING to worry about.  Be consistent with your rehearsals and you'll have a more predictable outcome.

You should always be completely relaxed, comfortable not nervous before drumline performance s.

Replicating what you've done during rehearsal will eliminate jitters and  this will also help shed off any nervous feelings. When you aren't nervous before drumline performance s, you can focus more on enjoying your performance in front of the crowd: showing off the great work thus far. :)

So next time you're ever nervous before drumline performance, remember this simple formula:

Less time nervous -> don't change anything you've rehearsed -> more consistent outcome ->happier you :)

Relax, don't be nervous before drumline performance s, YOU got this,

Anthony Huerta, DCI-WC HP

P.S.  Do you ever get nervous before drumline performance, drum corps, or indoor competition? If so, how do YOU overcome your nerves and make sure that you "stay on track" for a consistent show outcome?  Leave a comment in the spot below on how you deal with being nervous before drumline performance.