Tip To Not Break At Drum Corps Audition

Tip To Not Break At Drum Corps Audition

Tip To NOT Break At Your Drum Corps Audition


Now it happens to us all, from a drum corps audition, to drumline/battery auditions there comes a point where we're all faced with an unfortunate BREAK.  The reasons for the breaks happen are endless but today you're about to watch video that's gonna help you overcome and even prevent all future breaking.  Now couldn't we all use a some drum corps audition tips that could help us NOT break AT ALL from now on?

Here's how to NOT break at your next drum corps audition specifically:


Quick summary of how to not break at your drum corps audition:

Every time you break when you're playing has to do with a lack of concentration and prioritizing another subject.  For example, at a drum corps audition, you might break because you're worried about who's watching you or you're worried if you'll get accepted after your drum corps audition.  See, what you gotta identify is your input:  what's going through your mind while you're playing. Maybe your'e 

drum corps audition

letting your drumline nervousness get the best of you (you can read how to combat that here)

Especially at a drum corps audition, it's easy to start getting in that negative/worried way of thinking.  See, the other day I watched a vid from a real cool guy named Bedros Keuilian who talked about your Input that leads to your thoughts.

Point being, to not break at your drum corps audition, you gotta do two things:

1.  Identify Your Input:

What I mean by input, is WHAT are you thinking about before you play and before you even attend a drum corps audition.  Are you fully confident you'll get accepted?  Are you full confident that you'll do a great job?  Is your mind filled with "Oh well there's only this many spots open this year" (scarcity).  

2.  Focus On PERFORMING:

See, I totally feel like I can relate to you because I definitely got into this activity because I loved watching lines.  I loved watching drumlines drum, I loved the cool tricks and I loved the fast drumming in exercises/show music.  Now with that being said, think about every time you're drumming on a pad:  are you thinking about who's watching you?  Are you thinking about anyone critiquing your or if you'll get a spot at a drum corps audition?  Probably not.

You're probably thinking how much FUN you're actually having.  You're ENJOYING what you're doing – which is rammin notes and cool tricks.  You probably see yourself drumming in a mirror or in front of a camera and would love to show off what cool licks you can play and handle.

See the guys who're up there drumming and handling their stuff while playing aren't focusing on the negative stuff that tries to creep in or the "What ifs?"  All their focusin on is having a good time, enjoying clean beats (no put inteded) and performing.

drum corps audition

Well THAT needs to become your input before you even attend your drum corps auditon:  you gotta take out that negative-scarce-limited spots only – mentality and replace it with a positive-fun-and enjoyable mentality.

Whenever you're playing, don't think about anyone else and just focus on how much you ENJOY drumming in a line.  How GREAT of a contribution to the line or group because you're a solid performer.

You've got a strong mind, you just gotta fill it and REMIND it – especially at a drum corps audition – of how much you enjoy playing and performing.

Every time you stand behing a drum, remember the cure to breaking is focusing on PERFORMING. Simple :)

Good luck to your at your drum corps audition or any drumline audition you have and remember the key isn't to worry about breaking but ENJOYING performing.

Dedicated to you HANDLING at your drum corps audition,

Anthony Huerta, DCI-WC HP

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P.S.  Got some tips on how to avoid breaking?  Shoot a comment or email below.  Also do the same if you have any advice on a drum corps audition or drumline auditions.