Social Support: Key Success In This Activity

Social Support: The Key Success In This Marching Percussion Activity Marching Percussion Advice article by Anthony Huerta, DCI-WC HP Now, I'm not sure if you've ever been talked about this subject or been addressed but it absolutely is the "hidden" gem to your overall success in this drumline and marching percussion activity and it all has…

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Drum Corps Camp and Indoor Show Weekend

Drum Corps Camp=Get Work DONE

Drum Corps Camp and Indoor Show Weekend I know almost everyone in a drumline is either having Indoor shows or having Drum Corps camp this weekend. For those that have an Indoor show, I wish you the best of luck and hope you do AMAZING!! Give the crowd a great show!!! Now for those of you…

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Importance of Practicing Slow Tempos

Blue Devils snareline

Importance of Practicing Slow Tempos:  Gaining chops, control, and  technique. Hey you, Hope you’ve been doing awesome.  I’ve got such an important subject for you:  Practicing Slow Tempos. Today, I wanted to share how IMPORTANT it is that you understand how practicing slow tempos MAXIMIZES your results. But first, I got some questions for you: Do…

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Optimizing Practice Time

Optimizing Practice Time: Gain Results FAST! Hey, Anthony here and wanted to share a huge insight (very important subject) making sure you’re optimizing practice time.  But real quick: Hope you’re having an awesome day. :)  For real.  I know I did, spent a 3 day weekend relaxing with the family and celebrating my pre-birthday. :)  Birthdays…

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Marching Performer Mindset

Often overlooked is one CRUCIAL topic on getting to that World Class level:  Marching Performer Mindset One of the main and crucial subjects that always needs to be addressed is the subject of Marching Performer Mindset. What really separates the amateurs from the pros or first place from 4th place is the marching performer mindset –…

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Welcome to!!!

First and foremost, I wanted to create a place where performers could go to receive more education and “know-how”. Everyday, I run into performers that are looking to enhance their skills and take it to the next level. Often, they don’t get enough info from rehearsal or they don’t get the info they’re looking for.…

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