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Q&A:  Which drumline practice pad / drum pad should I use and why?


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Probably one of the most popular questions we receive here is finding the right gear and ensuring you’re getting the most out of your drumming practice sessions. Today’s post covers a question from one of our readers asking about practice pads. From what type of practice pad, what brand to go with or the type of material – every question you can imagine, we get them all.

Our reader Richard R. wrote:

Question: Would you feel like a Xymox reserve corp snare, a Xymox reserve corp double, and Invader V3 would be solid practice pad other than then old-fashioned practice pads like Vic firth Stockpads and HQ Practice Pads to practice on if an actual drum is not a possibility?

Answer: Awesome question about finding the right practice pad Richard, great to hear you’re thinking wisely about your investment for practicing. Cool stuff.

All of my private students or groups know me best cause I always let them know about my preference on what to practice drumming on. My main choice is always going to be an actual drum. Always. The reason is because it ensures that you’re being consistent with your playing. After I graduated, I actually bought a used Snare drum from a drum corps alumni.

If you’re really serious and if possible, try to check a drum out to take home from whatever drumline you’re drumming with.

However, practice pads are the more practical 2nd choice. (and more quiet for your neighbors or parents, ha)

In today’s modern marching percussion world, when it comes to a quality practice pad / drum pad, you’re best bets are going to be with either Xymox or Offworld Percussion. They’re both innovative when it comes to the practice pad type of material and the durability.

When I got started drumming, I had one of those HEAVY block like drum pads; a ReelFeel (did NOT feel anything close to a real drum btw and was always bulky in my backpack for High School – sorry ReelFeel).

Now a days you can get a lighter and better designed practice pad from either Xymox or Off World Percussion (maker of the Invader V3).

I always believe in investing in your craft, so with that said, if you’re doing this drumline / marching percussion crazy world for the long-term, get yourself a high quality practice pad.

A Xymox Reserve Corp Double, and Invader V3 would be my tops choices (right now I’m liking the Invader V3 just a little more..just a little though) I love both of these drumline practice pad models because of how they have the “rim” attached. I added links right below so everyone can check our both practice pads.

Click Here Or The Image To Grab The Offworld Drum Practice Pad (at a discount + FREE SHIPPING HERE)

practice pad - offworld percussion drum practice pads

practice pad - offworld percussion drum practice pads





Click Here Or The Image To Get A Xymox Drum Practice Pad Here:

practice pad - xymox drum practice pads

Practice Pad - Xymox Reserve Double Practice Pad


These practice pads are how practice pads SHOULD have be made.  The drumming playing material on both are great. Each practice pad give great rebound and are perfectly fine to practice on – from practicing dynamics or trying to build chops.  Both feel great on the hands too (not like some of those pads where they wear out – especially the older drum pad models – and you end up feeling the wood instead of the playing material).

So top two practice pads: Xymox Reserve Corp Double or the Offworld Percussion Invader V3 model practice pad.  Honestly when it comes to a drum practice pad, when you pick one from either of these companies, it’s really just a matter of personal preference.  They really both are high quality practice pad companies.

**note: I’d definitely make sure I’d get a practice pad that is DOUBLE SIDED.

If not, you can opt without the rim to save a little cash, but honestly, if you can get the money together I’d say to go with one of these practice pads.

Going back to the end of your question, I’d just stick to either of these companies ultimately. I mean, Xymox had really pioneered and revolutionized the drum pad / practice pad world and Offworld Percussion really made their HUGE mark with the Invader V3 pads.

To answer the end of your question about a practice pad with a drum company logo on it:  I wouldn’t really recommend buying a specific one that had like a drum brand name on the drum pad cause most likely (one of the companies I listed before) produce the pads for them anyway – they just print the DRUM BRAND NAME at the top of the practice pad. No offense to the drum companies (they’re great), but I’d say if you’re gonna spend that type of cash on a practice pad / drum pad, just go with the main manufacturer directly.


Again thanks for the question Richard, cool stuff man. Hope this post on practice pads can help clear the confusion and make the buying process easier.

Anthony Huerta

P.S. Have a practice pad / drum pad that you love? Let us know why in the comment section below. Or better yet, post your video review and we’ll share it online. Just send a video of WHY you love your drum pad and we’ll feature it here for the other drummers.

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