RCC Drumline Auditions 2012

RCC Drumline Auditions 2012

RCC Drumline Auditions 2012

Hey, Today you’re in for a treat because this weekend are the upcoming RCC Drumline Auditions for the indoor 2012 season.

The indoor drumline activity is such a demanding and detailed activity.  Nowadays, instructors are SUPER critical on who they feel they should accept into their programs.

Indoor auditions more than ever are throwing all odds against potential performers.   Unlike outdoor programs, you aren’t limited to a “traditional” uniform and hidden behind a shako.  The Indoor activity is much more about theatrics and visual performer expression.

Indoor season are getting tougher and tougher so I thought it’d be cool to track down someone in the now for some advice. I was lucky enough to catch a  member from the RCC Drumline Quad player Andrew Verduzco, for a quick interview on the upcoming RCC Drumline Auditions.

He was cool enough to share some valuable info.  He shared useful tips on auditioning, what to expect and how to increase your chances of getting accepted at the RCC Drumline Auditions.

This is a MUST-SEE video for anyone evening THINKING of the RCC Drumline Auditions Enjoy! :)

RCC Drumline Audition VideoRCC Drumline Auditions


Anthony here again, great quick interview with some solid content.

Like Andrew said, with these RCC Drumline Auditions, it’s really about how much you can handle under pressure at all avenues.

For this upcoming RCC Drumline Auditions expect to be auditioned through individual auditions, sectional audition pieces, ensemble audition pieces and choreographed dance sequences.  It’s getting tougher season by season and these top groups are really looking for well rounded performers.

They’re looking for performers that offer great attitudes and competitive drives.  Especially compared to the outdoor aspect, it’s much more about your individual performance as you’re potraying through music and face. ;)

Thanks Andrew Verduzco of the RCC Indoor drumline for sharing this audition info and tips on the upcoming RCC Drumline Auditions 2012.

If you have any questions about Indoor auditions, give throw us an email or comment right below this.

Again, Good luck to you all this weekend at the RCC Drumline Auditions.

Go hard,

Anthony Huerta, DCI-WC HP

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