Rudiment To Build Chops

Want a quick tip on where you can start to build chops?  Another behind the scenes, you’re probably not working on, rudiment.

If you want to build chops then, stop wasting your time on Flam Drags and Crazy Paradiddle exercises, and do this instead:

Build Chops by Playing 3’s.

build chops

Yep you heard it right.  Work on your threes if you wanna build chops whether you play Snare, Quads (Tenors) or Basses.

Why? Because 3’s are the behind the scenes secret to MANY common rudiments you’re probably looking to master.

3’s are low in Flam Accents, they’re high Flam Taps, All over Single Stroke Fives (rlrlr lrlrl), Addition to Shirley Murphey’s(if you don’t know what these are, check out another post here).

Build up your 3s (commonly known as Triple Strokes) to help build chops in 2 ways:

1.  Match Touch, Even Sound To Ensure You Build Chops Correctly

Start at a slow to moderate tempo and take notes of each hand.  And if you’re really serious, be critical, don’t hold back when you take notes.  Is one hand lower than the other?  Sound uneven in left hand? Look for heights and build chopshow even each note sounds.  You can start with one hand, take notes, then start on the others.  Try working on both of them in double stop form.  Look to match the height of each hand that they both line up.  Also look for each note (1, 2, 3) sound even in one hand, then match to the other.  No point in building up the chops if they don’t sound even.  Work to match the heights and the sound is consistent from hand to hand.

2.  Bump Up High Speed – Control From Slow To Build Chops, then Tempo

First and FOREMOST, you gotta break em down before you even think of playing fast and on your little quest to build chops.  I know, I do talk about his often, I bet you hear it often.  Developing control at slower tempos is one of the fastest ways to build chops and speed.  Just how you can match the heights and sound, also make sure that your hands are fully relaxed and control the speed of the 3’s.

Once you build up your control, from there it’s easy to build any rudiment chops. For the 3’s start slow, develop the control.  Next just increase the tempos by 10 clicks.  For example, start at 60 bpm, then build up to 70 and so on and build chopsso forth.  Finally from there, you can just keep bumping up the tempo.  It is much easier to increase the tempo once you develop your control because your hands will already know how to respond to the stick.

Those two tips are super powerful and will help you get better 3’s and better aid to build chops.  For sure to follow those to build chops in a instant.

Last tip to build chops, don’t forget, just like any other set of muscles, give them time to recover.  After you go hard for one day, take another day off for them to really build chops and stay strong in the long run.

Stay relaxed and build chops,

Anthony Huerta, DCI-WC HP


PS – Leave your comment below on how YOU build chops :) .