Exclusive June 2011 Interview: Takayuki Nakabe

Taka and AnthonyAlright today we have up the exclusive June 2011 Clean-Beats.com interview with Takayuki Nakabe from Japan.

Taka and I both got our start around the same time and both marched our first and last years of drum corps together.

We went from first-time drum corps marchers to DCI World Champions.  Hope this interview with a great friend of mine can inspire you.

Taka, can you tell us a little bit about your experience? Where you’ve marched or groups you’ve been a part of?

Taka: I first marched in the Yamato Drum and Bugle Corps in 2006, then Pacific Crest in 2007, Blue Devils 2009, and RCC 2009 and 2010.  I marched Marching Snare in all of the groups above.

Anthony: That’s great Taka. Yeah I am so glad I was able to march with you a few years.  How long have you been into marching percussion? (like how many years)

Taka: I’ve been marching snare drum since September 2004.  So looking back it’s about 6 or 7 years!

Anthony: Where did you get you’re start into first playing marching snare drum?
Taka: I first started playing marching snare drum in high school.  That’s where I got my start and really enjoyed it.  I liked it so much that I wanted to play more and more.

Anthony: What inspired you to want to march with the groups you’ve done? (examples: RCC, BD, etc.)

Taka: I think what inspired me most was watching videos of the Blue Devils in 2001.  That really had me enjoy marching percussion and drum corps.  I also was inspired by Blast! The theater production.  All of the drumming and effects were really cool to me.

Blue Devils Snares


Anthony: Taka, I know for you, you live out in Japan and getting introduced to American drum corps at first can be a little overwhelming.   For our international readers, what advice can you give to someone who wants to be a part of an American drum corps but isn’t sure where to start?

Taka: Dear International readers,  I think you guys has same problem as for me. The first obstacle is a language.  We have to speak English.  And from English, particularly,listening.  So if you wanna join the groups and drum corps then you should learn English first!!  Go for it and Do it up! Just go for it and Good luck!

Anthony: Taka, learning english is great advice for our international readers. What advice would you give them for those that DON’T have instructors or someone to teach them how to play or march?

Taka: Please go to watch a show.  You will be very impressed by the performances.  And Just Watch.  Soak in as much of the show as possible and learn.  Watch everything closely and with detail.  Yeah And you will be grow up after watch a show.

Anthony: Now for you Taka, you’ve marched all the way from Open Class, to World Class. Do you think that members should audition for the Open Class too, if they don’t make World Class auditions?

Taka: I dont think they HAVE to do both.  If you can only go to one audition, then go for the World Class audition.
BUT..I do recommend marching in Open Class if you get the opportunity.
It will help you for World Class groups after you do Open Class.
Again, I recommend to go to a World Class audition.
It is important to be used to a (World Class) audition. It is important to experience a (World Class) audition because it will help you to get into the group.
Thats why I went to U.S.A. to receive an audition from Japan every year.

Anthony: For someone out that lives outside the USA, do you think they should come out and audition or send a tape? And why?

Taka: You should do your best to go to the audition. This is best.
But If you dont have money or some problem that you should definitely send a tape!  Its OK No problem.
But Establishment is low I think (from sending a tape, rather than auditioning in person)
So if you can go to the audition Just Go !!

Anthony: Any last piece of advice for any of our international readers?

Taka: I can’t speak English very well but everybody’s very kind in the U.S.
So don’t shy just get your dream to go march drum corps in the U.S.!

Anthony: Alright Taka, last question, for someone that really wants to become a World Champion like yourself, what advice could you give them?

Taka: I would say if you want to become a World Champion, then you just have to trust yourself.  From playing to performance, trust yourself and your ability.  You can do it.
Good Luck.

Blue Devils Takayuki Nakabe

Anthony: Thank you so much Taka for such a wonderful interview.  We look forward to your return.

Also, if you would like more information from Takayuki Nakabe, you can contact him through his website at:


He will be more than willing to help out any percussionists and/or international readers out there.


Hope you are just pumped up with motivation from this interview.

Now go take action on getting better.

Dedicated to you reaching your goals,

Anthony Huerta, DCI-WC HP


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