WGI Percussion World Championships 2011 – Finals

Quick blog post on the WGI Percussion World Championships 2011. 

Wow, I can’t believe it’s the end of another season of WGI Percussion World Championships.  Championships again?  It just felt like we saw most of these groups a minute ago last year.  This WGI 2011 season went by super quick and big congrats to all of the performers out there for their hard work and passion for the activity.  You all bring inspiration for the next set of performers and through your performance, continue to push the activity. I wish you all luck at the WGI Percussion World Championships.WGI Percussion World Championships

For those of you who don’t know about WGI Percussion World Championships, this is like the picking the NCAA National Champions.  Think “Indoor Percussion Super Bowl” but EVERYONE dukes it out.  Huge event for the indoor community where the groups compete for the Gold. It’s a super competitive day where everyone is on their A game. Finals night is always a special night where anything, and I mean anything, can happen.  You’ll see the greatest performances and sometimes the biggest surprises of the season.  WGI Percussion World Championships Finals is always a remarkable event for marching performance.

For those of you getting ready for your WGI Percussion World Championships performance tonight, I wish you all the best of luck on placing well and remember one thing:

Go ALL in for your WGI Percussion World Championships performance and leave it ALL on that floor.

This night is for you – the performer.  Not the judges, not the instructors and not the crowd. It’s for you and your group to enjoy the Indoor performance of a lifetime.

YOU enjoy the performance today.  Right before you start from the top, take a second, look around and enjoy the moment of performing with some of the closest people you know.  Soak it all in and embrace Finals.  If you’re at Finals you’ve pushed extremely hard at getting to this night.   By now, there’s not much else to “clean” or “change”.  Those ideas aren’t practical by now.  It’s Finals.  Do what you know how to do.  Do what you’ve rehearsed.  Don’t start making huge and significant changes, but enjoy last time for the 2011 Indoor Percussion Season.  Those 10 mins will stay in your mind for the rest of your life. Embrace that and hold onto this day for as long as you can while on the floor at the WGI World Percussion Championships.

Regardless of the outcome, be proud for lasting a 2011 season and sticking to your passion.  It’s been a long season of ups, plenty downs and a MILLION changes.  You’ve been super excited, tired, over it at times and yet you’ve kept pushing.  That’s always something to be proud of.

Your whole season has built up to this single performance.  When you’re in the lot, enjoy the time with the audience.  Connect with them and give em a show.  When you’re walking from behind that curtain and about to begin lift up.  Connect with that audience and get lost in the sounds of crescendos, tap rolls and flam drags.  This is what you’ve worked at.  This is what you’ve been waiting for.  Take it all in. :)

Again, good luck to everyone at WGI Percussion World Championships Finals 2011.  Go BIG.

Enjoy the moment,


PS – We’re rooting for you SoCal: Home team RCC go BIG at the WGI Percussion World Championships 2011.

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