What Are YOUR Goals?

Blue Devils Snares

Hey, I hope you’re doing great and ready for some “goals”.  But really, just a straight out, hope you’re doin great and havin an awesome day first. ;)  I just wanted to ask you a super important question and the best drumline advice for you when it comes to your overall drumline performance goals:

“What are your goals?”


And the reason I’m asking you this is because someone asked me this question SEVERAL years ago that totally changed my individual performance and pushed me to the highest gear.Goals

See, way back when I was in high school, a young-in, I never really had any goals.  I mean, yes I ultimately knew I wanted to march with a DCI Top 6 World Class Drumline, and I knew I wanted to march with a WGI Percussion Independent World Class Drumline, those are two kinda specific goals.  But I never knew HOW I would get to those goals.

So what did I do like everyone else I knew?  I wandered.  Not literally but I just kinda went season by season by season you know, just drummin, just performing and just hoping I’d eventually reach my goals.  And I did this through out my entire high school career.  Hoping..

Boy, did I waste a lot of time…

Because eventually a good friend asked me,  in all sincerity, “What are your goals?”  And I’m not talking about that cheesy, “What do you want to be when you grow up kind of talk?”

I’m talking, straight-to-the-point “What are your goals?”

Oh man, did I take that concept and run with it.  To THIS DAY this has been the best question and motivation i’ve EVER received.  So I took the question and I ran with it.

It wasn’t just “What my goals are:”  it was getting as specific as possible.

I was telling myself that by this time, by this date, I wanted to march here, here and here on this specific instrument from these specific people for this specific type of crowd.

What good is it to have such generic goals?  It’s like saying “Oh when I grow up I wanna have a job.”

Look, if you’re a Top-Notch-World-Class-Performer, here’s the best drumline advice:  you definitely need to really think about your goals.  I mean, be as specific <—keyword>  as possible.


Here was mine for example:

While in high school, I want to march at least 2 years with a local DCI Open Division Drum Corps on Snare.  When Igraduate from high school, I want to audition and become accepted into a WGI World Class Indoor Drumline.  From there, I want to march with the Concord Blue Devils on Snare until I age out and march with RCC Indoor until I age out.

And here were the results:

While in high school, I marched with Yamato Drum and Bugle Corps going from Sophomore to Junior.  From then, I went on to march with Impulse Drum and Bugle Corps.  When I graduated, I marched with Pulse Percussion.  From there I auditioned and was accepted into RCC Indoor Drumline and finally I auditioned and was accepted into the Concord Blue Devils.   I marched Snare for every line and pretty much hit every goal I wanted.

Blue Devils Snares

Anthony in Blue Devils 2011

Honestly, just having the drive to SAY you WANT to march with these groups is half the battle.

You literally have to SEE yourself with these groups.  I attended shows, I learned the exercises, even in my uniform, looking at the shadow of my shako I imagined I was performing with the Blue Devils.  I SAW myself there before I even auditioned.

Now of course, by no means was it easy and there where definitely many obstacles and I was also cut PLENTY of times than I would like to share, but that’s for another post.

However, I didn’t let any of that stop me, I took action.  I wrote down my goals, specific as possible and I stuck to them as RUTHLESSLY as possible.  I mean have that performer’s mindset that “I will do whatever it takes to reach my goals.”


So here’s your exercise and I’d definitely suggest you take this seriously if you really want to take your performance to the next level:


Take a sheet of paper and grab a pen<–trust me on this one, pencil smears :/ >


Write a your goal statement.  And by goal statement, I want you to write down, word for word as SPECIFIC as possible of what you want to do.  (Ex.  by the age 20, I want to march with both the Blue Devils and RCC..etc)

If it helps, you can start general, then little by little add detail.  Like, I want to march with _____ by the age______ and perform in front of huge lots with videos of me all over the internet and performing in front of sold out stadiums.

From there just add detail, detail, detail.

Try to be as specific as possible and hold nothing back.  They’re YOUR goals, so do your best to really dig deep to see what you really want.


I kid you not, after you’re finished, go back and read what your final statement.  You’ll be SURPRISED by how much it’ll hit you and inspire you.


Now that you have your eye on the target, all you need to do is take a straight line path to reach your goals.  Be ruthless with your goals and let nothing stop you or get in your way.

Like I said, writing and committing to them is half the battle.  After you have a clear and focused view of your goals, all you gotta do is stay the course.

I hope this set with you as well as it set with me.

Let me know how defining your goals all works out and feel free to post your final statement here by comment.

Committed to YOU reaching those goals,

Anthony Huerta, DCI-WC HP